Denmark is high on the list of European countries where people cycle the most.

When you make your decision for a freight company to carry out the transport of your bike, choose 3D Logistik. Your shipment is important to us.

3D Logistik has a lot of experience with distribution of bikes.

When transporting a bike, we will know what factors to take into account.

The bikes are typically packed in cardboard boxes or wrapped with customized bike packing when being distributed in Denmark. There are not many re-loadings and we do not use conveyor belts, which can often be a challenge for a bike. We take good care of the bikes. Send your bike with 3D Logistik and we’ll make sure it’s safe.

We offer our service to dealers, webshops and private customers and come across the country every day.

It is possible to choose our “Service Call”, where we agree on delivery with the end customer.

We provide a logistics set up tailored to the individual bicycle customer needs.

Give us a call and we would like to help you or your company with your bicycle freight needs.