Dangerous goods

With 3D Premium, customers have the opportunity for transportation of dangerous goods in limited quantities


With 3D Premium, customers can transport dangerous goods in limited quantities.
At 3D logistics, we are authorized to transport dangerous goods of up to 1000 points.
The limitations are laid down by the ADR convention, Annex A, commonly known as “the free quota”.
The transportation of dangerous goods, demands equipment and training, both of which must be continuously maintained. With road transport, the ADR regulations apply. View the latest version of the ADR convention here.

What are dangerous goods?
Dangerous goods are explosive, flammable, poisonous, contagious, radioactive, corrosive and other materials which could pose a health risk.
If the load bears a UN number and a warning label, it is most likely that these wares belong in the dangerous goods category.

There is a difference in the catagorisation of dangerous goods, according to whether they are transported by road, rail, sea or air. It is possible that goods regarded as not dangerous on the roads, may need to be re-catagorised if transported for instance by sea.

At 3D logistics we cannot deal with class 1 and 7 goods.

If you the customer are lacking in knowledge of dangerous goods and the precautions require when moving them from A to B, then 3D logistics can assist and guide you.