In Night

Do you have “just in time” shipments, which are ready for transport late in the evening or at night ?

Do you have strict deadlines?


At 3D in Kolding we can take in goods until 02 o’clock at night and still get the shipments delivered between the hours 06:00 and 09:00 in Jutland and Funen – only a few hours later.
At 3D in Glostrup we can even take in shipments until 04 o’clock at night and still achieve the same quick delivery in Seeland.
There are not many hours from 3D terminal receipt to delivery at client.
“In Night” covers urgent shipments that needs late terminal arrival in Kolding and Glostrup and still reaching an early delivery the following day.
We work day and night.
We can pick up late and deliver early. We work at the terminal all night.
For smaller consignments and small pallet shipments which fit in 3500 kgs vans, 3D Logistik offers fast and flexible service with “In Night”.
We have real time scanning and proactive customer service. Clients will have the opportunity to receive a morning report with status for the “In Night” shipments before 07:00.
The option for transport of goods requiring temperature with 2-8 degrees is also available with “In Night”.
In 3D Logistik’s “In Night” service we entrust our drivers with keys and codes, so they can lock themselves into fx warehouses and productions. In this way goods are ready for use, when the staff is showing up for work in the morning.