Jetpak Exclusive

– when the product is something very special


Jetpak Exclusive is for those who want a totally unique product delivered that places high demands and transport, handling, storage and communication. This typically applies to pharmaceuticals.

We are § 39 GDP approved and can both store and handle pharmaceuticals and we have been authorised by the Danish Health Authority to import pharmaceuticals from home and abroad.

We have, in other words, both the facilities, including special temperature monitored storage, and the competencies (trained personnel) to meet the high demands, which are rightly made, of the medical industry.

We offer tailored solutions with transportation between 2–8 or 15–25 degrees and with both daily and weekly deliveries.
If the storage of GDP goods is required, we can also find a solution for it.

Jetpak Exclusive is not only for customers with medications – we also have a heated pick/pack warehouse that is approved for by the authorities to handle other sensitive goods that place high demands on conditions and quality control.


Jetpak Exclusive has brand new business opportunities in the field of warehousing and transport of pharmaceuticals


The pharmaceuticals companies get more than unique logistics

At Jetpak we have a special department for handling medicine. The concept is unique in Denmark and approved by the Danish authorities in the area, the Danish Medicines Agency.

The fact that Jetpak is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency according to paragraph 39, means that we can offer the pharmaceuticals companies to distribute directly from a European central stock and directly to recipients in Denmark.

The transportation of medical products is subject to strict regulations, which Jetpak comply with.

The careful process begins with a receivingcheck

Jetpak is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency according to paragraph 39.
That means that we are obligated to conform to the statutory order.


Our medical warehouse is state-of-the-art


An important part of our medical concept is our special-designed warehouse. Jetpak has facilities for all relevant types of storage of medicine at our own warehouse. The warehouse has locations for goods that require normal storage conditions (15-25 degrees) and facilities for storage of cold goods (2-8 degrees).

The Jetpak warehouse is placed in Kolding. The warehouse is primarily used for medicine and other health products for the Danish market.

The warehouse conforms to the current legislation and relevant GP standards. Among other things, this means a comprehensive security program with surveillance and access cards that limit the access to the warehouse and administration areas. All storage conditions are found as pallet and shelf locations.


Distribution of medicine requieres special competences


Pharmaceutical products must be handled with care. Jetpak is a part of the legal supply chain, which is statutory when transporting medicinal products.

Distribution of pharma implies high quality standards. Jetpak comply with these requirements.

Jetpak trains their own drivers in accordance with the guidelines that are agreed with customers and the Danish Medicines Agency.

We monitor our vehicles electronically to increase security and are in close contact with each driver. We give active feedback if there are problems during transport.

Jetpak Exclusive offers customized solutions in warehousing and distribution, also to customers who do not need any temperature monitored consignments.



Remeber, Jetpak creates solutions
Whatever product you find with Jetpak, we can tailor a special version to suit your business