Jetpak Express

– when time is running short


Day or night. With Jetpak Express you are ensured the fastest delivery around the clock, all year round.

We have vehicles in every corner of Denmark and arrive quickly to load when your shipment is ready for delivery to the recipient.
Choosing Jetpak Express is also possible with fragile goods that need to be carried by hand or transported at specific temperatures. We have vehicles that can transport goods at temperatures from 0–25 degrees. We also come to sparsely populated areas and offer an SMS service after delivery at the drop point.

Do the goods need to be delivered internationally? Not to worry. With Jetpak Express you are also ensured quick delivery outside the country. We offer standard next-day deliveries throughout Germany before 10:00 and 12:00, but are also extremely flexible. Here again, we tailor a solution that matches your needs. Express delivery is a core competency of Jetpak.

We also offer this product to customers that need a late solution, even at night and requiring an early delivery the following day.


When time is your worst enemy
– and because waiting can be expensive


With Jetpak Express we have helped many customers over the years with their tough time requirements.
Our courier service works 24/7/365.

Since we at Jetpak like impressing our customers you get some of the fastest delivery in the market with Jetpak Express.
We offer courier services in Denmark and international.

Because we are a small, efficient organisation where everyone focuses on quality and collaboration. Because we go directly from A to B. We are a courier company. And because all our transports are monitored you can be sure your goods will get there safely – and within the deadline.

If you want to know more about our prices, please contact us by e-mail or phone and we will find a solution to your particular need.


International courier service ?
–  Yes we have that too …


When your important documents and parcels are going out of the country Jetpak GO! is a safe choice. We will pick up the shipment at your address, complete shipment papers and get your shipment on its way safely. And to its destination on time. The international courier service is fast and reliable.

We track the shipment electronically all the way – from pick up to delivery. That means high security, and fast tracking in case something should go wrong. With our courier service we handle everything from local delivery to delivery the next morning everywhere in Denmark and Europe. International transport is a part of everyday life at Jetpak.

GO! has more than 100 independent departments. We handle the shipments in our own modern hub with more than 18,000 packages a day.

Facts about Jetpak GO!

Delivery times:
As standard delivery in entire Germany next day before 12.00 pm and delivery in more than 2300 cities by 10.00 am.

Weekend service:
We offer Saturday deliveries

Deadline delivery:
We offer delivery at agreed time


Do you have “just in time” shipments, which are ready for transport late in the evening or at night ?

Do you have strict deadlines?


There are not many hours from Jetpak terminal receipt to delivery at client.
“In Night” covers urgent shipments that needs late terminal arrival in Kolding and Glostrup and still reaching an early delivery the following day.
We work day and night.
We can pick up late and deliver early. We work at the terminal all night.
For smaller consignments and small pallet shipments which fit in 3500 kgs vans, Jetpak offers fast and flexible service with “In Night”.
We have real time scanning and proactive customer service. Clients will have the opportunity to receive a morning report with status for the “In Night” shipments before 07:00.
The option for transport of goods requiring temperature with 2-8 degrees is also available with “In Night”.

In Jetpak “In Night” service we entrust our drivers with keys and codes, so they can lock themselves into fx warehouses and productions. In this way goods are ready for use, when the staff is showing up for work in the morning.


When is your deadline ?

Call Jetpak Express and test our abilities. We are waiting for your call at +45 7696 7070

Imagine, if we are faster, more careful and more flexible than your current supplier …..