Jetpak Premium

– when your product needs to get safely from A to B


Is your product is fragile and with it have a hard time surviving a trip on a conveyor belt and/or a lot of jostling? With Jetpak Premium we give your product the best chance of arriving undamaged.

When you choose Jetpak Premium, we guarantee that your shipment will only be sorted by hand and the number of reloads is kept to a minimum. In this way we ensure that the goods are transported safely from A to B.

Is the delivery point difficult to access and/or located so that access is not possible with a larger vehicle? With Jetpak Premium, we deliver your product even where space is limited. We find the delivery method that matches your product and your needs, and deliver with a small vehicle both with and without a taillift.

Good communication is the foundation for a good customer experience. With Jetpak Premium you are assured clear communication throughout the process. We believe in direct contact with customers and will happily call the recipient prior to delivery, just as we are ready by the phone to follow up on your delivery. In addition, all shipments can of course be tracked electronically through track and trace real time.

Jetpak Premium is available for delivery both to private residences and businesses.