Temperature Matters Becomes Part of 3D Logistik

Specialised transport and logistics services are in rapid development. Even if many customers „only“ seek safe and on-time transport from A to B, niche solutions like fragile or hazardous goods or express and temperature-controlled shipping are in strong growth. Such solutions are often combined in a comprehensive package with specialised warehousing facilities.

3D Logistik already offers a wide range of services, products and solutions, but since it is our quest to always add additional dimensions to our service, we have now chosen to bring some new know-how to our company, in particular, in the area of temperature-controlled shipments and hazardous goods, where we are now capable of driving class 1 and class 7 and at the same time we also increase focus on our international courier. We have successfully realised this goal with the acquisition of Temperature Matters.

3D Logistik’s product range will therefore be extended to include a new company called Temperature Matters-3D Logistik ApS from 1 January 2017. Our intention is to naturally offer more advantages to the customers of both companies. On a daily basis, customers are unlikely to be able to see a big difference from the former TM, which will continue to operate more or less unchanged after the takeover.

Anders Arsovic Christensen, TM, says:
„TM’s operations will remain the same as they are today. A new company will indeed be established, but it is important to emphasise that I am still part of TM, and that the staff, drivers and telephone numbers will remain the same. This development is to the benefit of our customers as 3D Logistik already has a large existing distribution network. Joining it will extend our customers’ options in the area of distribution and logistics.“

Steen Møller, 3D, says:
„The acquisition has allowed us to expand our product range. We can now also offer temperature zones – from minus 25 °C and all the way up to 30 °C. This will reinforce 3D Logistik’s market position in temperature-controlled shipping. We have added 12 modern vehicles and drivers with high-tech equipment to our fleet, and we also bid welcome 3 additional colleagues at the office in Glostrup. From now on, we will therefore have 32 employees and some 80 vehicles.“

We expect that our new company, with its unwavering focus on quality, accuracy and consideration, will be able to offer our customers even more on all the shelves.

You can naturally reach us by both telephone and email if you have any questions.