TM Express


At Temperature Matters, we know that time often runs short. To deal with extraordinary deadlines, we offer our TM Express solution: A courier service designed for time-critical deliveries – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Put briefly, we deliver your goods with only a very short notice any day of the week. Situations demanding immediate attention may occur, and we are ready to transport your goods at any given point.

TM Express is a transport service suited for your valuable temperature-sensitive shipments with tight deadlines. Our transport vehicles all offer the newest equipment and technology in order to guarantee the temperature required – anything between -25 °C and +30 °C. We also manage and transport parcels, documents and fragile goods, which require special management and certifications. If you need a quick courier, contact us.

In addition, we offer vehicles of different sizes – no job is too big or too small at Temperature Matters. We deliver your time-critical carriage within 24 hours nationally (Denmark), and we cover all European cities any time of the week. If you have an urgent shipment, we would like to solve this task for you.

With TM Express, you get a transport solution matching your demands in regard to strict deadline and special handling. Even though time is pressing, we deliver on time at the agreed upon price and quality.