Our medical warehouse is state-of-the-art

An important part of our medical concept is our special-designed warehouse. 3D Logistik has facilities for all relevant types of storage of medicine at our own warehouse. The warehouse has locations for goods that require normal storage conditions (15-25 degrees) and facilities for storage of cold goods (2-8 degrees).

3D Logistik’s warehouse is placed in Kolding. The warehouse is primarily used for medicine and other health products for the Danish market.

The warehouse conforms to the current legislation and relevant GP standards. Among other things, this means a comprehensive security program with surveillance and access cards that limit the access to the warehouse and administration areas. All storage conditions are found as pallet and shelf locations.


Facts about 3D Medical Warehouse

  • The storage conditions are monitored electronically with regards to temperature and humidity
  • The temperature is actively controlled
  • Our inventory is cyclical. We take inventory all year at times where the amounts in the warehouse are low. Thereby using our resources optimally
  • Procedure for access to warehouse and administration areas
  • At least once a year inventory is taken of the entire warehouse
  • 3D Logistik’s warehouse is inspected by the Danish Medicines Agency and by our customers’ quality departments.


We also offer warehouse concepts for other kind of material, which does not require temperature controlling facilities