Who are we?


There are transport companies that mostly talk about prices. And then there are others that talk more about flexibility and service. At 3D Logistik we talk about everything. We focus on openness. For us it is first and foremost about making sure no customers feel abandoned, once the order is placed. No matter how large or small the job is. You can call it security – we do.

To you that means, that among the many suppliers of transport and logistics solution on the market, you know us by especially three things:

Speed, flexibility and credibility

When you have chosen Jetpak you have made a good choice. Through the years we have proven that we maintain the three basic criteria for good collaboration. Deliver on time, at the agreed price and in the agreed quality. We plan to keep doing that.

Jetpak offers the customers tailor-made logistics solutions in both Denmark and abroad, and among the customers are some of the most demanding on the European market when it comes to safe transport and razor-sharp logistics.