Our days are not straightforward

At 3D Logistik we want a close relationship with our customers. Because our experience tells us that individually adapted solutions are best for our customers, and their customers.

In order to help ourselves focus we have formulated our mission and vision the following way.



3D Logistik creates unique logistics solutions



3D Logistik is tomorrow’s provider of fast, flexible, dedicated and unique logistics solutions, created in close cooperation with our customers and other stakeholders.
We strive at all times to be a trustworthy partner.


Our size is an advantage for you. At 3D Logistik we cultivate the advantages of knowledge sharing and the principle of everyone-knows-the-customer. Partly that means that we constantly make each other better at what we are good at. And partly that we all take responsibility for everything. “That is not my responsibility” does not exist with us.

That our principles result in high service and very few claims is confirmed by our customers. When we ask our customers at regular intervals for their assessment of 3D Logistik to make sure we are on the right track, those two things are at the top of the list; our service and our quality.

“ Naturally there are many advantages to being a large company in our business. But those are advantages to the owners. We are a small company and here the customers reap the benefit in the form of higher service, higher flexibility and less damage”